Saturday, 27 February 2016

What is the New Way of Speed Mold Building Processes?

Achieving high level of accuracy, efficiency in the process of mold building is a challenge for leading mold manufactures. CAM systems have enabled ease in the process by simplifying it and controlling multiple tools in one go. The system offers ability to mechanize smaller details in the desired mold by often reducing the cost as it reduces secondary surface finishing operations. 

The simplification of process facilitated by CGS CAM tools ease the management of multiple tools of Injection Moulding Machine. For example: in this, the user assigns a different color to each and every tool path that is required to complete a cavity insert instead of making use of different tool boundaries. This enhances time and cost effectiveness. One of the leading mold designer and toolmaker, Jason Alsleben from Hutchinson, did in-dept analysis over step by step process for achieving appropriate tool paths and finish at the surface.

The advantages and accuracy of CAM

Building small molds with intricate designs for medical applications like over molding electric connectors, fluid connectors etc. Designing of molds range from one to eight cavities that includes master unit die, MUD, switching from CG CAM-Tool is a big step toward easing the machining operations. Researchers find CAM system is inefficient in dealing with surface finishing. Blow Moulds for ASB Machines witness problems with tool breakage etc. On the other hand, CG CAM Tools eliminate need to machine electrodes and burn details in molds. The system also enhances the surface finish quality so as to avert the time taking and expensive processes of EDM. As a result it helped in reducing production cycle and optimized large scale manufacturing.

CAM tooth path points directly to the surfaced that are needed to be machined. The machine creates many more points of contact in between tool and the model and therby increasing the original surfaces of the model. The increased data point lends smoothness to the surface with enhanced accuracy.